Shoe Odor – How To Reduce Shoe Odor?

Increased sweating and shoe odor is for people who suffer, like an unpleasant affair.With pleasant summer temperatures, which are all looking forward over six months, also comes the bad things.People sweat. One more, another less.Was recently mentioned on bad breath and shoe odor as a great social problem.

Unlike the bad breath that one need not feel alone, bad shoe odor is much stronger and a person afflicted with this problem it perceives as its surroundings.

The rumors that it can bring when it comes to people with this problem or to visit the doctor, do not even mention. This is certainly a nightmare for everyone who suffer excessive sweating feet.
There are many products for shoe odor, which at least mitigate the odor, but higher foot sweating too much can not avoid. I was reading the discussion, which dealt with this topic, and here I use some of the measures that people on this “malady” invented.

How to Reduce Shoe Odor?How to reduce shoe odor?

Increased sweating feet causes overgrowth of bacteria that produce that smell. The bacteria that forms on the heels, allegedly created a smell similar to cheese making.
Also, various skin fungi associated with shoe odor. If the foot heals, the smell disappear.

Shoe odor unfortunately not only related to less hygiene. Even a very clean person can have these problems. Of course, more frequent washing of the feet smell at least a short chase, but it is not always possible to wash so often. So here are a few basic rules to remove shoe odor :

  • Alternate socks (easily several times a day, you have several pairs to carry easily to work, on trips, to school)
  • Wear cotton socks, not made of artificial materials
  • Do not wear in warm weather nylon stockings and socks
  • If it’s warm, try wearing unmatched shoes
  • Wear leather boots and shoes frequently between
  • Buy Insoles – carbon
  • Do not spray any perfume to shoes and deodorant, the smell is only mixed
  • Try some of the natural rinsing feet, such as alum, potash, black tea, elderberry, wild thyme, oak bark, water or acetic
  • Use talcum powder (make sure that the powder was eaten only on dry, not sweaty foot)
  • If possible, wash shoes in the washing machine at times
  • Of course you can also try a variety of sprays and ointments to his feet, but from the reactions in the discussions that I was reading, that they are not very effective.
  • With the insole with charcoal on the contrary were mostly good experiences. You can also try special socks with silver particles, which allegedly eliminate moisture.

Do you suffer from bad shoes? We will advise you what to

Finally, it is pleasantly warm and we cradled the shoes without socks. For some types of shoes but react unattractive shoe odor.How to prevent this?

Avoid synthetic materials

Textile material and real leather handle the moisture from your feet well. Synthetic materials do not. Therefore, when buying a new pair of shoes bet for quality. Tags informing the material can be found mostly on the inside of the shoe.

Wear and other couples

At high temperatures, change your shoes at least once a day. At home the shoes they wear out on the streets, rather soon Please take off. Best done when you run around the house here and there also barefoot.

Chop them into the washing machine

Fabric shoes can be easily washed in a washing machine on gentle wash program at 30 degrees with a suitable detergent. “Do not travel” and around the drum, wash them with some towels and put them in pillow cases. Better to dry if they newsprint, but put them in direct sunlight.

Spray for shoe odor

Aerosols are an excellent shoe odor killer. Do not use them but if you have a tendency to allergies because they often contain chemicals that can lead to skin irritation.

The only sneakers with socks

Many types of sneakers are indeed covered with anti-bacterial coating, but even it will not last forever. When an exercise program you should not forget the socks. They protect against blisters and absorbs moisture well and sweat.

Tip: Wear cotton ankle socks.

Help with putting tires

At home, always at hand lift, or the time to put on sneakers can be damaged.

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