Natural Air Fresheners

In our grandparents’ time, before factory made best air freshener sprays were introduced, people used to go for home made techniques to get rid of unpleasant odors. Today, we spend so much money to just mask up the odor. When there are feasible methods to completely remove the odor from the roots, why not go for these methods and save money?

There are many natural ways of eliminating bad, unpleasant odors. Firstly, you should consider a few obvious things which the cause the smells. You need to remove the things that result in the formation of that odor in your home. If you can’t remove them, at least wash, or clean those things. This would definitely provide you with the most amazing results.

Money House Blessing Air Freshener Indian Fruit Spray

natural air freshenersNow, if you have a party next day and your home smells awful and you are in severe need of a freshener but it’s too late and you don’t want to go out to buy only an air freshener spray, what would you do? I’ll tell you, just place a bowl filled with white vinegar, and go to your bed. The next, you will find the place smelling nice and fresher with no trace of that smell.

Baking soda is placed in fridge, why? We do this because it handles and manages the odors that start to live inside your fridge. Baking soda can help you eliminate odors from closed places. It can be placed in cupboards, garbage cans, pets’ letter boxes etc and you will get good results.

You can freshen up your home by placing a few indoor plants in your home, which can be the best air fresheners you have ever known. There natural scent and there beauty gives your house a new, natural atmosphere. Some indoor plants purify the air, remove toxins and are pet safe. For example, African violet, bamboo, flame violet, cast iron plant, velvet plant, lady palm, gardenia and many more.

Natural ways have always been more effective and less harmful, therefore the use of natural air fresheners is also recommended. Although, the air freshener spray found in markets are a quick solution for covering up the smell, these do not completely remove them and last for only a few hours, so you would need to use them over and over again. This expense will eventually add up after a period and will become a major part of the budget you separate for cleaning supply.  Plus, these sprays contain toxins and even carcinogens that can be very harmful to you, your family and the environment. Doctors and health experts also recommend using homemade, pure and nontoxic air fresheners instead of readymade air freshener sprays.

Thinking wisely and choosing what’s best for our family and other people around us, is our responsibility.

Keeping that in mind, freshen up the air around you by using natural ingredients, which indeed make the best air fresheners.

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