Air Wick Freshmatic – Air Wick Automatic Spray

Free your house from undesirable household smells with air wick freshmatic ultra starter package odor identify in lavender, the very first automatic spray best air freshener having a built in odor sensor.

Air wick freshmatic odor identify technology instantly picks up uncomfortable smells in your house and releases effective scent to combat them.

Additionally towards the air wick freshmatic odor recognition setting, you can decide on three intensity configurations for continuous scent.

Freshmatic Ultra Starter Kit ODOR DETECT Lavender & Chamomile

At a Glance:

  • Automatic unit with three intensity settings and odor detect
  • Odor detect setting releases fragrance bursts only when odors are detected
  • Small, portable unit requires no electrical outlet
  • Starter kit includes unit, lavender and chamomile spray, and batteries

Air Wick FreshmaticOdor Identify Technology Instantly Releases Scent

Strong fragrances like residual smoke, fumes, and cooking and pet smells can alter the perceived excellence of the air.Air wick freshmatic odor Identify features odor sensor technology that evaluates these chemical changes in mid-air. If this picks up an uncomfortable odor, the Freshmatic unit instantly neutralizes all of them with extra bursts of their relaxing lavender and lavender spray so your house is always welcoming to see relatives and visitors.
Select from three scent intensity configurations to manage how frequently scent is spread. Or, make use of the odor detector setting to produce scent only if household smells are detected.

 Easy setup air wick freshmatic odor and operation

Ideal for more compact rooms, the air wick freshmatic odor identify starter package includes all you need to start freshening your house immediately–Warhol, a computerized unit, and three AA batteries are incorporated.
Setup is easy: just put the unit on any shelf, counter top, or cupboard, ensuring it’s from furniture, electronics, and warmth sources. Its lightweight is inconspicuous and matches with many home decorations.

Portable for Use in Any Room

Since the air wick freshmatic odor identify starter package is battery-operated, it may freshen the environment and eliminate smells in almost any room or area of your house.
Please be aware that only air wick freshmatic scent spray refills should simply be utilized in air wick freshmatic 0dor identify models.


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