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Air fresheners for cars interior can give your car its own, unique pleasant smell. In today’s world a lot of car owners in personal and business computers used air fresheners for cars.This is – an extra touch of glitz and glamor in your car. No wonder they say that the car as a woman. A woman without a perfume and to hard.

Air Fresheners For CarsIn this category are presented with a desiccant air fresheners for cars, liquid, gel, ceramic, with different types of fixing: on a flat surface, the lattice blowing, under the seat in the ashtray, and others.

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For many car owners their car is in some sense, a second home. They watch as the technical condition of machines and order in the showroom.

However, it is worth noting that after all the most popular air fresheners for cars bought a taxi. A large number of customers throughout the day, their baggage, some passengers even smoke in the cabin, all this leads to bad breath and even gives the impression of dirty cabin. Out of this situation, help you find exactly the air fresheners for cars.

All existing air fresheners for cars can be divided into two types:

  • absorbers odor (converters)
  • air fresheners, which are continuously expanding their smell in the car.

Air fresheners also differ in the way of fixing the car. There are many different ways to mount flavors in the car, but their similarity is that they are simply attached to the desired location. Air fresheners often have a unique design that allows an additional and decorate the car show, give it a more personal style.

Depending on the filler used for best air fresheners for cars are the following types:

  • Gel
  • Liquid
  • Solid

Great popularity of liquid air fresheners for cars, since they are quite easily made, and compared with other types of air fresheners have a lower cost. However, the use of the air freshener is a short-lived, as the scent quickly evaporates. Such aromaticity can be used in all seasons, dramatization is not reduced significantly even at low temperatures.

Use of this flavor in the winter time can be from two to three months in the summer at higher temperatures it evaporates quickly and the smell when it becomes too harsh.

Quite often the helium flavors are original designs. Gel air fresheners are jars of different shapes, which can be either glass or plastic, filled with the aroma gel. Helium filling in comparison with liquid flavoring has a lower degree of volatility. These types of air fresheners are recommended in the summer time, because at low temperatures, the level of volatility of aromatic substances is further reduced.

Are air fresheners for cars in the form of colored beads in the ashtray, such flavors have a double effect. Besides the fact that they, like the standard flavors, eliminate the odor in the car and the smell of tobacco smoke. The advantage of this type of air fresheners is that they also have antibacterial properties. It is possible to adjust the intensity of the odor in the cabin, the more pellets you poured into the ashtray, the more intense smells exactly the opposite.

The most expensive flavors are now chalky flavors. These air fresheners for cars are molded chalk, which consists of substance placed in a jar. Chalky flavors are the most durable. The service life of the Cretaceous flavor can be up to eight months. Chalk air fresheners characterized the original, stylish design. Such flavors usually have exclusive scents that certainly is another significant advantage of them.

Air Freshener For CarBy best air fresheners, which have the strongest odor, flavor can be attributed to the form of heating the evaporator, powered by the cigarette lighter socket.

The most popular and most widely used are the so-called cardboard air fresheners.

These flavors, compared with other species, have a very minimal cost. However, this flavor does not last for more than two weeks.

It should be noted that there are also special sprays that can be used only when necessary. These sprays neutralize and absorb all the odors and fill the interior of the vehicle a pleasant aroma.

When you buy air freshener for the car it is desirable to take into account the time of the year in order to prolong its service life.It is recommended to buy a neutral smell, as in your car ride more than you and your passengers, and all people have different tastes.

However, not all motorists are aware of the fact that air fresheners for the car and may have harmful effects on human health, as well as his reaction to this or that situation. Some scientists believe that tobacco smoke and certain compounds that are found in car air fresheners may be the cause of cancer.

In order to get rid of the smell in the cabin of your car, you can use the frequent airing or not smoking while driving in the cabin. If you use all the same flavors the air for the car, you can use the following tips. Scents have a significant impact on the psychological state of man. The smell of jasmine, lavender scent of vanilla and wildflowers can lead to a relaxation of the human body, and this in turn may lead to slower reaction, which in any case is impossible and unacceptable while driving.

Scents that are reminiscent of the food (coffee, bread) contribute, in some cases the appearance of irritation, it is in cases where the motorist while driving hungry. 

The most optimal flavors are refreshing flavors : mint, citrus, cinnamon and rosemary.Also on the condition of the driver have a positive effect pine and sea flavors , because they help reduce fatigue, the driver becomes more alert.

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