Air Wick Color Changing Candle – Black Edition

I love beautiful scented air wick candle, especially if they smell nice.New to the air wick scented candle is that they burn during the color changes!This innovative air wick candle gives your home is not only a comfortable atmosphere with luxurious scents, but revives it by the exciting color change effect. Once lit, the wax is air wick multicolor candle of pleasant changing colors of lights. The gentle color changes provide a captivating light effect.

This candle will change once it burns off the colors from blue to pink, to green, purple, red, ..They come in different scents!

  • Vanilla & Caramel Dream
  • Zimtzauber & Baked Apples
  • Soft silk & Wild Orchid

The air wick color changing candle, features captivating light effects, making it appealing for almost any space in your home. The air wick color changing candle can brighten your favorite room while lasting up to 30 hours. Once lit, a soft and tranquil glow illuminates through the wax. The glow then gently changes color to create a captivating rainbow effect throughout the room. Available exclusively at Walmart, this Air Wick Candle, Vanilla Indulgence 4.23 oz, can be used in almost any space. The wonderful vanilla scent of these candles that change color can also keep your room smelling fresh.

Air Wick Color Changing Candle Air Wick Black Edition Vanilla Indulgence Color Changing Candle:

  • Captivating light effects
  • Lasts up to 30 hours
  • Available exclusively at Walmart
  • 4.23 oz size
  • Vanilla indulgence scent

My conclusion

Air Wick Candle is a unique and beautiful colors when burned shed.

But the beautiful and the air wick candle scent from the same again!And now I find it really comfortable with the changing colors of sitting in the dark and listen to some music, or if you visit or settle in with his lover makes! You can buy your Air wick at Amazon or, in drugstores and Some discounters.


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