Air Purifiers And Allergies

Almost a quarter of us will experience some kind of allergic reaction at some point in our lives and the numbers are increasing every year, especially among children.
Symptoms vary from person to person, but typically include the runny nose, itchy eyes, wheezing, coughing, lack of breath and skin rashes. Often this is harmless, but severe cases can result in hospitalization or even death unfortunately. It occurs when the body overreacts to normally harmless substances, usually pollen, dust mites, mold, dander from pets, insect bites, chemicals, medicines and food.Air Purifiers And Allergies

Allergists must first know what they are allergic to, so they can avoid contact. Depending on what you are allergic to this may be easier said than done. When it comes to food, you can choose not to eat them if medications you can work with your doctor to avoid them in the form of allergens brought to us by nature and allergens which is a bi-product of Western industrial way of life can be very difficult.

On top of the list of allergens for many, pollen, dander from pets, mold spores and house dust mites. All these will be present in our home and since we spend a large portion of our lives in our home, what can we do to protect ourselves?

House dust mite and air purifiers

Mold spores and dust mites like both the same – moisture. If you can keep the relative humidity down so you can stop them from reproducing. Lower reproduction rates will mean that there is less air to annoy you. For detailed information about dust mites, we have a page dedicated just to them here. A dehumidifier is often the only reliable way to keep the level of relative humidity down low enough to ensure that both mold and dust mites under control. A dehumidifier as Meaco DD8L has the advantage of an accurate humidistat to keep moisture levels low, a silver-nano filter which kills bacteria and an ioniser, which helps to catch particles in the air filter.

Since dust mites and mold can be controlled with a dehumidifier, so we need to get control pollen, pet dander, mold spores and dust mites that float around until we get the relative humidity under control. This is where a good air purifier comes into play.

Air purifiers do exactly what they say, they are a combination of a fan and a filter and cleans the air.

The thing with an air purifiers is that you must keep in mind that they usually only cleans one room, and they tend to just specialize in a group of allergens. So you have to think about what you need to clean the air, and if you can afford to have multiple devices or are you going to concentrate on only one room?

There are many different types of filters in air cleaners and it can be confusing. Most have been independently tested to confirm its effectiveness, and you should look at these independent data before buying anything. But equally important is that you need to look at the costs and the time it takes to maintain your air purifiers.

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