4 Best Air Fresheners For Your Car

Air Fresheners – Most of us like our cars to smell fresh and clean. Which is why so a lot of us buy car air fresheners.However , not absolutely all car air fresheners work equally well for each and every freshening need. With a little knowledge, determing the best car air freshener for the car and need can be a breeze!

Let’s start by taking a look at the different types of car air freshener available today.

Most conventional car air fresheners include a little, scented little bit of cardboard with a string through the top.


Car Freshner’s Little Trees popularized this process of disposable freshening once they invented the iconic evergreen cardboard cutout in 1952. Conventional cardboard car air fresheners release their fragrance when exposed to the air. When completely removed from their plastic bag packaging, the fragrance may be overpowering, and the life expectancy short, with the scent lasting a few days to a week. Cardboard air fresheners may also be limited by where they could be safely used. Cardboard air fresheners are created to be hung-up, contact with other surfaces could cause harm to the top with which they come in contact. One additional consideration If you want a quick shot of air freshening, a traditional cardboard freshener will do the trick. However , the cost advantage of this air freshener type quickly disappears when you may have to buy multiple cardboard air fresheners to equal the freshening power of a longer lived vent stick, can (gel) style or fragrance oil based air freshener.

Vent Stick Car Air FreshenersVent Stick Car Air Fresheners

Vent stick car air fresheners as the name implies are design to suit in to your vehicle’s air vents. Soft, scent infused plastic is combined with an alligator clip type frame to slide in to car’s air vents. Air from your vents passes within the soft plastic releasing the fragrance. Due to their small size and low cost, fragrances may be easily combined to boost the amount of freshening and develop a unique sent. As the fragrance oil is encapsulated in soft plastic, vent sticks are easier on your own vehicle’s interior surfaces than hanging cardboard or paper. Vent sticks provide a good fragrance experience, but can not match the superior fragrance performance of oil based wicks or diffusers. Having said that vent sticks certainly are a discrete, affordable option to hanging cardboard, paper and aerosol air fresheners for cars.

Oil Wick Car air freshenersOil Wick Car air fresheners

Oil wick or scented oil wick car air fresheners are one of the more recent developments in disposable freshening. Fragrance oil is placed in a very glass bottle. A porous wick is inserted to the oil which transports the oil by way of a collar right into a plastic top, which clips in to your car’s air vents. The plastic top contains small louvers, which is often opened and closed to regulate the amount of fragrance released. In a dual or tri scented product, the scent get a grip on regulates just how much of each scent escapes to the air. Even though scent oils might cost slightly a lot more than other air freshener types, the grade of fragrance and their longer life expectancy cause them to become an economical option to fresheners with a shorter life. Oil wick car air fresheners are perfect for any size car, truck, SUV.

Auto Plug In Air fresheners Auto Plug In Air fresheners

Auto plug-in air fresheners make use of the power from your car’s power outlets to warm a soft plastic containing fragrance oil to produce their scent and freshen your car’s interior. Some models have built-in lights although others have adjustments. Since these air fresheners need a car’s power outlet, they’re much less flexible as to where they could be placed in your vehicle as other car air freshener types limiting their effectiveness.

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